National Standards Framework


This Framework deals with the need to agree on standards for cross agency interaction. It does not deal with formal standards setting processes conducted by Standards Australia nor does it impinge on sectoral standards governance procedures already in place (eg Health, Education). Standards that are set through a legislative mandate such as statistical standards through the Australian Bureau of Statistics are also not in scope.

The effect of this framework is to provide a mechanism that delivers transparency and a degree of certainty by agencies involved in collaborative projects. One of the problems identified in cross agency interactions is the method, or protocol, through which agreement is reached on the standards to be applied in those interactions.

A foundation of this Framework is that agency and jurisdictional independence is respected. At the same time the Framework provides agencies and jurisdictions a way to help ensure the timely completion of collaborative projects.

Full Publication

A National Standards Framework for Government [PDF Document 639 KB]

A National Standards Framework for Government [RTF Document 68 KB]


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