ICT Service Improvement & Delivery

  • Title: A Guide to the Australian Government: Structure, Organisations and Key People
    Date: October 2011
    A Guide to the Australian Government is the guide to the structure, organisations and key people in the Australian Government. It contains contact information for the Commonwealth Parliament, the Courts, the Governor-General and Australian Government departments and agencies.
  • Title: National Government Information Sharing Strategy
    Date: 2009
    The National Government Information Sharing Strategy will become a reference document for Australian Governments of all levels, by setting out a high level strategy to promote an environment that supports information sharing.
  • Title: A National Standards Framework for Government
    Date: 2009
    This document describes a framework for initiating, endorsing and managing the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards to support the integration of cross agency business processes.
  • Title: Consulting with Government – online
    Date: June 2008
    Consulting with Government – online identifies and highlights the findings of public consultations, focus groups and online surveys conducted to collect public opinion on the concept of and interest in a government consultation blog and discussion forum.
  • Title: Public Submissions to the Australian Government Consultation Blog Discussion Paper
    Date: March 2008
    The report provides a summary of the submissions received by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO). This report will be used in conjunction with the results of offline consultation reports, surveys and focus groups to assess the public interest in consulting with government and to identify the requirements and challenges for an Australian Government consultation website.
  • Title: Consultation Blog Discussion Paper
    Date: September 2007
    The Australian Government invites you to provide feedback on this discussion paper regarding the possible functionality and operation of an Australian Government Consultation Blog. The paper asks for your opinion on some important issues that will affect the ways you can contribute to and participate in the consultation blog. Feedback received from you will be used to shape the services provided through the Australian Government Consultation Blog.
  • Title: Business Process Interoperability Framework
    Date: August 2007
    The Business Process Interoperability Framework provides a valuable guide and a set of tools to assist agencies in making the transition to connected and shared modes of operation. It links to other Australian Government guidance and frameworks, including the Technical and Information Interoperability Frameworks, the Australian Government Architecture and the National Services Improvement Framework.
  • Title: Information Interoperability Framework
    Date: May 2006
    The Information Interoperability Framework identifies those components that support an environment where information that is generated and held by government will be valued and managed as a national strategic asset. The framework provides the principles that underpin sound information management and establishes the concepts, practices and tools that will drive the successful sharing of information across government boundaries.
  • Title: Delivering Australian Government Services, Managing Multiple Channels
    Date: May 2006
    Managing Multiple Channels recognises that Australian Government agencies deliver services to customers/citizens through a variety of channels (shop fronts, call centres, websites etc) and outlines a process for aligning customer needs, services and channel provision.
  • Title: Delivering Australian Government Services, Service Delivery Capability Model
    Date: May 2006
    The Australian Government Service Delivery Capability Model is designed to assist agencies by providing a consistent and practical framework for describing the entire scope of their service delivery capability.
  • Title: Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework
    Date: April 2005
    This latest version of the Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework (the Framework) was developed by the Interoperability Framework Working Group (IFWG), a reference group of senior technical architects nominated by the Chief Information Officers' Committee (CIOC) and supported by AGIMO. The new version responds to developments in the ICT industry supporting business and government interconnectivity.
  • Title: User Profiling and Testing Toolkit
    Date: June 2004
    A process to help identify the content your customers expect from you. It helps you profile your customers and prioritise your content to meet their needs.

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