Commonwealth Property Management Framework

The Commonwealth Property Management Framework (the Property Framework) establishes the principles for the efficient, effective, sustainable and ethical use of property resources and applies to property leased or owned by Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies

Commonwealth Property Management Framework diagram

Text description of Commonwealth Property Management Framework diagram.

Figure 1: The policy and legislation relevant to each property transaction is dependent on the determination to lease, own or dispose of the property. The figure above shows the different policy and legislative elements for each option.

* This is not an exclusive list and other legislation may apply.

The Property Framework was enhanced in September 2011 to better inform decisions on the effective and sustainable management of the Commonwealth's property needs.

The enhancements to the Property Framework include the application of cost-benefit analysis methodologies on a whole-of-life basis when assessing options to own, lease or divest Commonwealth property.  The enhancements replace the previous policy, the Australian Government Property Ownership Framework.

The Property Framework is comprised of a range of policies that apply to different components of the property management process supported by separate guidance material. These include:

Further assistance with each element of the Property Framework can be sought through .

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