Malabar Headland

Malabar Headland is an important coastal headland in the south eastern suburbs of Sydney. The site is rich in environmental, cultural and heritage values and is an important asset to the local community and the wider population of Sydney and New South Wales (NSW).

Refurbishment Works at The Lodge

The Lodge was built in the 1920s as the Canberra residence of the Prime Minister of Australia.  Refurbishment works are required to prevent deterioration of the building fabric, consistent with Finance’s property management obligations.


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) proposes to undertake a major redevelopment of the existing Villawood Immigration and Detention Facility in the suburb of Villawood, in Sydney.  The Department of Finance has been given the responsibility for managing the delivery of the redevelopment on DIAC’s behalf. 

The redevelopment will remediate the site and replace ageing infrastructure and facilities in accordance with the principles in the Standards for Design and Fit-out of Immigration Detention Facilities, Standards for Health Services in Australian Immigration Detention Centres, and the Detention Health Framework.  It will also in corporate amenities that promote the health and wellbeing of people in detention, staff and visitors.

Early civil and remediation works commenced in the middle of 2011, with construction of the first stage of the project due to commence in early 2012.  The design process for the redevelopment, which has been undertaken in close consultation with numerous stakeholder groups, is also due for completion around this time.  A dedicated project website [External Site] has been established which contains further information, and is regularly updated.

Central Office for ASIO

The new central office building will be located on Section 49, Parkes ACT, between Constitution Avenue and Parkes Way.  The design will provide for a high quality, secure building to be fitted out for the specialised needs of the tenant. The planning phase was completed in November 2008 and the delivery phase is now underway.

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