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Property and Construction Division (PCD) manages major capital works projects on behalf of the Australian Government and individual government entities. PCD also manages a non-Defence portfolio of properties comprising offices, land and other properties. In addition PCD oversees the Commonwealth Property Management Framework which includes legislation and policy for the management of property leased or owned by the Commonwealth, including acquisition, disposal and management of property interests.

Property Portfolio Operations Branch is responsible for the management of the Australian Government's domestic non-Defence property portfolio. The portfolio includes a diverse range of property types including office buildings, law courts and other special purpose properties, public interest properties, heritage buildings, residential properties and vacant land. As at 1 January 2015 the portfolio includes properties previously held by the Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation (AWDC).

Property Portfolio Planning Branch is responsible for all planning, programming, compliance and data management for the Finance-owned property portfolio, including safety, environment and heritage aspects.

Property Project Delivery Branch is responsible for the construction and refurbishment of major, high-risk or complex capital works projects and property remediation works as determined by the Australian Government, including successful delivery of allocated projects and provision of advice to Australian Government entities on construction. The Branch is also responsible for the Divestment Taskforce which was established to accelerate the divestment of surplus non-Defence properties, including Albury-Wodonga properties previously held by the AWDC.

Property Policy and Advice Branch defines and publishes policy and provides guidance to Commonwealth entities on compliance and practice relating to property management. The branch administers the Commonwealth Property Framework which applies to non-corporate Commonwealth entities subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, Commonwealth Property Management Framework and the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy, the Lands Acquisition Act 1989 and the management of the Public Works Committee Act 1969 and the National Lands Ordinance.


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Last updated: 06 May 2016