Register of Surplus Commonwealth Land Potentially Suitable for Housing and Community Outcomes

This register contains details of surplus Commonwealth land considered potentially suitable for housing and community outcomes. It is not a full list of surplus Commonwealth land holdings.

At the time of publication, properties on this register are considered by the Commonwealth to be surplus to its requirements and potentially suitable for housing and community outcomes (consistent with the Commonwealth Property Disposals Policy revised as at 25 February 2009).

The register contains details on the owner agency, location and size of each property, as well as the target time (financial year) for release. The target time for release is indicative only and may be subject to change at any time.

While the Department of Finance considers the register to be accurate at the time of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of the register. Details in the register may be amended without notice at any time and from time to time after publication.

Finance recommends that users exercise their own care with respect to ensuring details on the register are up to date by checking the register regularly for any updated information, or alternatively, contacting Finance (see Contact Officers).

Consistent with the Commonwealth Property Disposals Policy, not all land included on the register will be made available on the open market, some sites may be disposed by way of priority sale, should that approach optimise the Australian Government’s objectives.

State/Territory Property* Owner Agency Site Area (approximate hectares) Target Time for Release
ACT Belconnen Naval Transmitter Station, Baldwin Drive, Lawson, ACT Department of Defence 143 2012-13
NSW Fort Wallace, Fullerton Road, Stockton, NSW Department of Defence 32 2012-13
NSW Stockton Rifle Range, Poppewell Road, Fern Bay, NSW Department of Defence 111 2012-13
NSW Training Depot, Centre & Lennox Streets, Casino, NSW Department of Defence 2 2012-13
NSW Badgerys Creek Road, Bringelly Department of Defence 115 2013-14
NSW Londonderry Road, Londonderry Department of Defence 63 2012-13
NSW Nirimba Drive, Quakers Hill, Schofields Department of Defence 141 2012-13
NT Lee Point, Lee Point Road, Darwin, NT Department of Defence 84 2013-14
QLD Witton Barracks, 3 Lambert Road, Indooroopilly, QLD Department of Defence 1 2012-13
QLD Mt Vince Rifle Range, Wollingford Road, Eton, QLD Department of Defence 169 2012-13
QLD Maryborough Rifle Range, 29 Walker Street, Maryborough, QLD Department of Defence 190 2012-13
SA Elizabeth North Training Depot, Broadmeadows Road, Smithfield Department of Defence 33 2013-14
VIC Corner Colac and Henry Road, Belmont (Geelong) CSIRO 6.37 2012-13
VIC Commercial Road, Notting Hill CSIRO 0.16 2012-13
VIC Graham Road, Highett CSIRO 9.3 2012-13
WA Part of the Artillery Barracks site, Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle Department of Defence 0.6 2012-13

*In some cases, the whole site may not be available for development.

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