Land, Property and Asset Management

Land and Public Works Policy

The Land Operations and Public Works Section is responsible for the policies and legislation that form the Commonwealth’s property framework. This includes the application of the framework where the Minister has a decision making role, usually involving Government agencies other than the Department of Finance. The Section is also responsible for the Commonwealth construction procurement policy, and for administering the Public Works Committee Act 1969. In relation to the property framework responsibilities, the Section develops and implements policies, advises the Minister on the exercise of his statutory powers, and advises agencies on policy interpretation and obligations.

Property and Construction

The Department of Finance is responsible for the management of the Australian Government´s domestic non-Defence property portfolio and also the construction and delivery of domestic non-Defence major capital works projects.

Asset Management

Oversight and management of the Government's shareholding in its business enterprises. Finance provides management of, and advice on, Government asset sales, contract management matters and residual issues relating to previous asset sales.

Commonwealth Property Management Framework

Environment and Heritage Management

The Finance-managed Commonwealth property portfolio comprises significant environmental and heritage values and some contamination legacy issues.

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