Allegations of Misuse

What happens when Finance receives an allegation of misuse of entitlements either directly or by referral?

Where Finance receives an allegation of misuse of an entitlement by a Senator or Member, it deals with the allegation consistent with the Protocol Followed when an Allegation is Received of Alleged Misuse of Entitlement by a Member or Senator (the Minchin Protocol).

Under the Minchin Protocol Finance makes a preliminary assessment of whether the allegation is credible. The Minchin Protocol sets out processes Finance can follow in dealing with the allegation. The process Finance follows depends upon the seriousness of the matter.

If the matter is relatively minor the department may then recommend that the Special Minister of State write to the Senator or Member and/or the staff member concerned seeking his or her comments on the matter.

Finance does not generally respond to those who have made allegations of misuse of entitlements or respond to enquiries regarding such allegations.

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Last updated: 17 February 2017