The Future Fund and Nation-building Funds

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These pages provide information on the Future Fund and Nation-building Funds such as:

  • the funds’ purposes;
  • their operational and governance arrangements; and
  • their enabling legislation, including associated legislative instruments.

There is also information regarding the Future Fund Board of Guardians’ involvement with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds [External Site] (IFSWF) and the Board’s application of the IFSWF Santiago Principles [External Site] to the Future Fund.

Detailed information on the investments and operations of the Future Fund and Nation-building Funds can be found at the Future Fund website [External Site].


What are the Future Fund and Nation-building Funds?

The Future Fund is a long-term investment fund that is designed to enhance the ability of the Australian Government to discharge unfunded superannuation liabilities expected after 2020, when an ageing population is likely to place significant pressures on Government's finances.

The Future Fund Act 2006 stipulates that money may not be withdrawn from the Future Fund until 2020 except for the purposes of meeting operating costs or unless the Future Fund's balance exceeds the Target Asset Level.

The Nation-building Funds are investment funds that are designed to provide financing resources for critical areas of infrastructure.

The Future Fund and Nation-building Funds operate under the same governance arrangements with:

  • the Future Fund Board of Guardians having responsibility for investing decisions and managing the funds’ assets;
  • the Future Fund Management Agency handling administrative and operational functions in relation to the funds’ investments; and
  • the Department of Finance advising the Minister for Finance on various aspects of the funds, including policy, legislative and governance matters; and handling payments from the Nation-building Funds.

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