Assurance Reviews and Risk Assessments

Risk Potential Assessment Tool

The Risk Potential Assessment Tool (RPAT) provides a standard set of high-level criteria for identifying risks related to new policy proposals and assessing consequences if risks were to eventuate. The Risk Rating will help determine whether additional assurance such as Implementation Readiness Assessments or Gateway Reviews may be required.

The Risk Potential Assessment Tool (RPAT) replaces the Gateway risk Assessment Tool (GAT).

Assurance Reviews

Implementation Readiness Assessment (IRA) Reviews

The purpose of an IRA is to provide assurance to Government and agency Chief Executive on the implementation readiness of certain proposed programs.

Gateway Reviews

Gateway reviews are conducted across the implementation lifecycle, which normally would last for several years. Their purpose is to provide independent assurance and advice to the agency to improve delivery and implementation of policies, projects, programs and services.

Assurance Reviewers

Assurance reviewers may be sourced from the public or private sectors and have extensive skills, expertise and experience in their field.  Reviewers are selected to participate in an Assurance Review on that basis (suitability and availability).

Centrally Commissioned Processes and Reviews

This overview is to assist with the preparation for, and participation in, centrally commissioned processes or reviews.

  • It is most relevant to departments and agencies subject to the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 but may be a useful guide more broadly
  • It contains information on how the processes and reviews are designed and integrated to strengthen Australian Government policy development, planning and implementation.

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