Financial Framework Training

The Department of Finance (Finance) has updated its approach to supporting financial management and budget framework training across the Commonwealth.

Finance has established a Community of Practice focused on financial framework training and skills development to ensure that staff working in Australian Government entities have access to the right tools, education products and training to understand their responsibilities under the financial framework.

The Community of Practice provides a forum to share ideas, support and discuss financial training needs, and pilot new or updated training material.

The Community has been working with Finance to develop the Financial Management and Budget (FMB) Training Program, which is designed for use by all Australian Government entities.

Finance has also established a panel of training providers who can support training on the financial management and budget framework.

If you work for an Australian Government entity and are interested in being part of the Community of Practice, or would like to access Finance’s panel, please send an email to

CBMS Training

Training courses for the Central Budget Management System (CBMS) are scheduled according to the budget process timetable and user demand.

See CBMS Training and Support for more information.

Procurement Training

Procurement Division of the Department of Finance provides support to procurement officers and contract managers to perform their roles through information sharing, informal and formal training.

See Procurement Training for more information.

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