Review of the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines

The Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) is conducting a whole-of-government review of the Australian Government's Cost Recovery Guidelines (the CRGs). The Guidelines set out the Australian Government's cost recovery policy and processes for those Government entities that undertake cost recovery activities.

The CRGs were last updated in 2005, since then there have been a number of changes to legislation, policy and processes. Some cost recovery processes have limited flexibility and may involve red tape. This, together with the increasing number of Australian Government entities undertaking cost recovery activities highlights the need for review.

The review will examine existing whole-of-government processes and reporting requirements, including clarifying policy, streamlining processes and increasing transparency in relation to Australian Government cost recovery activities. The review will also assess the best approach for government entities to document and report cost recovery activities.

Consultation is an important part of the review. A whole-of-government working group has been established with government entities who undertake cost recovery activities. Finance is also keen to seek the views of users Australian Government activities who are charged for those goods, services and regulation.

Finance sought written submissions from non-government stakeholders in June 2012 and held roundtable discussions with key stakeholders in November 2012.

Finance is continuing to consult with government and non-government stakeholders to gather input for the revised Guidelines.

The outcome of the review will be revised Guidelines which improve consistency, transparency and accountability of cost recovery of government activities.

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