Cost Recovery

'Cost Recovery' involves charging the non-government sector for the provision of government goods, services or regulation.
The Australian Government's cost recovery policy establishes a framework for consistent, transparent and accountable cost recovery arrangements, which promote the efficient allocation of resources.

Two Finance Circulars (2005/09 and 2008/08) and the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines have been prepared to assist Australian Government entities in their implementation of the cost recovery policy.

Review of the Cost Recovery Guidelines

The Department of Finance (Finance) is currently conducting a whole-of-government review of the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines. In conducting this review, Finance has sought feedback from stakeholders in the following ways:

  • A whole-of-government working group has been set up to consult with internal government stakeholders.
  • Finance called for written submissions from non-government stakeholders and held follow-up roundtable discussions.

During 2013, Finance will continue to consult with government and non-government stakeholders on the Review.
More information on the Review is available from the Review of the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines page.

CRIS Template

A cost recovery impact statement (CRIS) template is also available as a guide to preparing a CRIS.

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