CAC Regulations

Section 49 of the CAC Act [External Site] provides for the Governor-General to make regulations prescribing matters necessary or convenient for carrying out or giving effect to the Act.

The principal matters covered by the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Regulations 1997 [External Site] (CAC Regulations) are:

  • a list of bodies that are prescribed as Government Business Enterprises or Statutory Marketing Authorities for the purposes of the CAC Act;
  • a list of Commonwealth companies for which the Minister for Finance and Deregulation is the responsible Minister;
  • a list of authorities that are incorporated by regulation under an Act and which are to be subject to the CAC Act;
  • particulars that must be included in a notice tabled in Parliament by a Minister about changes to direct Commonwealth membership of a company.

The CAC Regulations are tabled in Parliament and are subject to disallowance by Parliament.

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