CAC Legislation


The Commonwealth Authorities and Companies (CAC) legislation comprises:

The Finance Minister's (CAC Act Procurement) Directions 2012 are also issued under section 47A of the CAC Act.

Finance Circulars address technical or emerging issues relating to aspects of CAC legislation

The CAC Act sets out the financial management, accountability and audit obligations on Commonwealth statutory authorities and companies in which the Commonwealth has at least a direct controlling interest. In particular, the Act provides:

  • the reporting and audit obligations for directors of authorities;
  • standards of conduct for officers of authorities; and
  • requirements for ensuring that wholly-owned Commonwealth companies keep Ministers and Parliament informed of their activities.

The Act provides for the making of Regulations and Orders. These subsidiary pieces of legislation provide more detail about matters addressed in the Act.

The CAC Legislation subsite contains information, on separate pages, about the topics listed in the left hand column.

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