National Telepresence System

National Telepresence System (NTS)

The National Telepresence System (NTS) is an Australian Government initiative that provides video conference facilities at a range of locations around Australia including:

  • Parliament House Canberra;
  • Each Federal Government Minister’s electorate office;
  • Most Federal Government Department’s head’s office;
  • Some remote Federal Government Department locations;
  • Commonwealth Parliament Offices located in each state and territory;
  • Departments of premiers and first ministers in the states and territories; and
  • Numerous sites around the Australian Capital Territory.

The NTS enables meetings to be held up to the SECRET security classification level in over 150 locations across the nation.

Implementation of the NTS resulted in Finance receiving a Silver Award at the 2011 Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management.

Where it all began

The NTS was developed to meet the government’s challenge of facilitating a reduction in the number of face-to-face, inter-jurisdictional meetings for ministers and senior officials to improve productivity and reduce government contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. The NTS has also led to savings in travel costs for entities.

Meetings for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), Ministerial Council processes and Commonwealth-State related business regularly take place via the NTS.

NTS Benefits

TelePresence has the following benefits:

  • improved communication and enhanced collaboration between government entities;
  • the potential for significant cost savings for entities;
  • reduction in travel time, smaller carbon footprints and an increase in inter-government productivity;
  • a secured service that allows meetings to be held up to SECRET level across the system;
  • nationwide locations, with new facilities regularly being established;
  • hard and soft copy document sharing capabilities;
  • a user friendly booking service;
  • meetings are launched at the touch of a button; and
  • there are room facilitators located at each fixed NTS site.

Telecommunication services provided by GNS are in accordance with procurement requirements under the Internet Based Network Connection (IBNC) Services Panel as part of the framework for the Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangements.

For more information

For further information, please contact the GNS Service Desk on (02) 6215 1800 or email: .

Last updated: 16 May 2017