Central Budget Management System Redevelopment Project

The Central Budget Management System (CBMS) is the core ICT system used to manage the flow of financial information between Finance, the Treasury and other Commonwealth entities; to facilitate cash and appropriation management, the preparation of budget documentation and delivery of financial reporting for the Australian Government.

Mounting pressures on the existing system and the need to improve access to information and to be more responsive to policy analysis resulted in the establishment of the Central Budget Management System Redevelopment Project (CBMS-R) to redevelop CBMS.

Key strategic drivers in the business case for the CBMS-R are:

  • Core functionality that supports collection, processing and provision of whole of government financial management,
  • Single authoritative source of data for budget and financial reporting,
  • COTS software to sustain support and have a clear upgrade path, and
  • Common, simplified and program centric reference data set.

The project commenced in October 2011 with an expectation that the redeveloped system be implemented and ready to be used for the 2013-14 budget process. The project experienced significant delay due to the complexity of the bespoke developments that proved challenging with finalising the build. In August 2014 the Finance Secretary initiated a comprehensive review. The review concluded in March 2015 and found that:

  • A compliant solution meeting Finance’s contracted business needs can be delivered,
  • The solution was built on an enterprise-grade platform that provides a sound foundation for future development, and
  • The solution could be finalised and implemented within a reasonable period of time and cost.

The project recommenced in April 2015 and is expected now to be operational from mid-2017.

Project Engagement:
Finance is committed to providing up to date information regarding the project. Third party software providers, who provide services to entities as part of their financial or budget information into CBMS, are encouraged to engage with their Entity Contact Officers.

Contact the CBMS Redevelopment Project:
Email:  CBMSR@finance.gov.au
Phone: (02) 6215 3988


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Last updated: 02 May 2017