CBMS Data Management – Reference Data Set

The Reference Data Set (RDS) forms the basis for data structures in CBMS. The RDS is a set of master data elements used consistently across all Budget management modules. The elements are: programs, outcomes, appropriation, specific purpose payments, sub-functions etc.

Changes to RDS

RDS changes can be amended or created at the request of Finance business areas or entities. Please refer to the table below for what is required for an RDS change:

Data ElementRequired
Entity Complete Entity Form [PDF 2MB]
Program Complete Program Form [PDF 1MB]
Specific Purpose Payments (SPP) Complete SPP Form [PDF 6MB]
Special Appropriation/Account Complete Special Appropriation/Account Form  [PDF 1MB]
Outcome Provide Finance Minister’s letter and email to: CBMS@finance.gov.au
Other Data Elements:
  • Related Entity
  • Appropriation Type
  • Function
  • Subfunction
  • Budget Adjustment Category
  • Reason Code
  • Account
  • Account Relationship
  • Account Pair
  • Receipt Type
  • Deactivations/Reactivations (including abolishing elements)
Email to: CBMS@finance.gov.au

For further information on RDS please email: CBMS@finance.gov.au

Last updated: 26 July 2017