The Budget provides a picture of Australia's planned financial performance, and the Government's fiscal policy for the forward years.  This includes estimates of revenue and expenses for the Government.  Traditionally the budget attracts significant public interest as it outlines new policy initiatives that affect Australians.

The Central Budget website [external link icon] is the whole-of-government entry point for Australian Government Budget material. The site includes the current and past budget papers including the Budget Speech, Budget Strategy and Outlook, Budget Measures, Federal Financial Relations and Agency Resourcing.

ICT Two Pass Review and ICT Investment

ICT Two Pass Review
The Government introduced a two pass review process to support its decisions on major investments in ICT-enabled proposals in 2008. The ICT Two Pass Review website contains more information on the process. This includes: thresholds, the ICT Business Case Guide, business case template and costing spreadsheet.

ICT Investment
ICT Investment refers to the Australian Government investment in information and communication technology (ICT).  The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) provides advice to Government on ICT investments and information to agencies on how to plan and manage their ICT.

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