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I am often asked by suppliers how can they provide innovative solutions to the Commonwealth given entities must follow the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. While the CPRs must be followed, there are plenty of opportunities for innovation as this fourth post in the myth buster series shows.

Myth: The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) are inflexible and do not allow for value enhancing approaches and innovation

I am pleased to announce that the following suppliers have been added to the Cloud Services Panel:

  • Cisco Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Axis 12 Pty Ltd
  • INOVEM Limited

These are the final suppliers to be added and, in addition to previously announced suppliers, form the Whole-of-Government Cloud Services Panel, concluding the establishment phase.

The statistics for the Panel as it currently stands:

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This month we’d like to take a diversion from our usual report update and instead talk about CKAN’s DataStore extension (however - for the record - another 269 datasets were added in July). The extension enables to create machine readable endpoints ( or data APIs) from properly formatted tabular data.

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I am very pleased to announce the launch of the SourceIT Plus model contract (SourceIT Plus). It provides standard contractual terms and conditions suitable for semi-complex procurements of IT services, such as system integration, consultancy services, software development and managed services.

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This is the third in the mythbusting series. I hope you are finding them informative.

Myth: The Department of Finance is responsible for all Commonwealth procurement

Fact: The Commonwealth operates a devolved procurement framework. Put simply, this means that each entity is responsible for undertaking its own procurement activities. 

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On Thursday the 26th February I chaired the thirteenth meeting of the ISO/IEC’s Joint Technical Committee 1 Strategic Advisory Committee  (JTC 1 SAC).  Below is an update of the work that JTC 1 SAC have been progressing.

JTC 1 SAC Committee constitution changes


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We’re continuing with our series that addresses misperceptions about Australian Government procurement. The second of many myths is busted below, I’ll be continuing with more mythbusting over a series of weekly blogs.

Myth: the lowest bid always wins

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Commonwealth procurement is often a hot topic analysed by Senate committees, parliament, the media, industry participants, and peak industry bodies. Occasionally, such analyses unearth some misunderstandings, so I thought it would be useful to dispel some of the myths and set the record straight. The first of many myths is busted below, I’ll be continuing with more mythbusting over a regular series of blogs.

Myth 1: the Government does not support small business or SMEs

This post was submitted by Alex Aitkin, Assistant Manager, Research Commercialisation Section in the Science and Commercialisation Policy Division of the Department of Industry and Sciences.

On 30 July 2015 the Department of Industry and Science released the 2015-16 Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables on

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In the context of my role as Australian Government Procurement Coordinator, I am responsible for handling complaints from potential suppliers following the awarding of a contract.

To give you some context on the number of complaints received, in the four years from 2010-11 to 2013-14 inclusive, there were over 295,488 procurement contracts awarded by the Commonwealth, yet over a similar four year period, there were only 14 complaints.

I recognise that our low number of complaints could be due to a number of reasons, including: