I am pleased to announce that the following suppliers have been added to the Cloud Services Panel:

I am pleased to announce that the following suppliers have been added to the Cloud Services Panel:

  • Dimension Data Australia Pty Limited
  • Emantra Pty Ltd
  • Envisian Pty Ltd
  • Hypernode Pty Ltd
  • iiNet Limited
  • Infront Systems Pty Limited
  • RXP Services Limited
  • SMS Consulting Group Ltd
  • Cloud Solutions Group

This is in addition to suppliers that were announced by the Minister of Finance on 13 February 2015.


As announced by the Minister of Finance, Finance has completed the tender process for the establishment of a Whole of Government Cloud Services Panel. This Panel will be in place for two years with options to extend for up to another four years The first panellists to be added to the Cloud Services Panel include:

This guest post was submitted by Theresa Macgregor from the ABN Lookup/Super Fund Lookup team in the Department of the Industry and Sciences

The ABN Lookup bulk extract is a snapshot of publicly available ABN details. The information available through the extract is limited to the current details for the following ABN attributes:

Hello All,

Did you know that 99,392 APS staff responded to the State of the Service Report in 2014? Even better, did you know that according to this handy resource 64,812 agreed (or strongly agreed) their job gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment? That’s just over 65% and it’s certainly the case for me.

Today I am pleased to announce the release of the updated APS Better Practice Guide for Big Data v2.0 which was foreshadowed in The Australian Public Service Big Data Strategy.

Version 2.0 of the Guide incorporates a new chapter on ‘Responsible data analytics’.

Happy New Year!

Firstly a big thanks to the 365,677 of you who paid a visit in 2014 and the 159 government entities who’ve made us a home for their open data.

 an image illustrating analytics from the past year

The below blog post was submitted by Jade Brewster, Assistant Director Procurement, Australian Taxation Office.

The ATO is pleased to announce that Request for applications for inclusion on ATOs data analytics multi use list has been released on AusTender (DA-MUL 14.157).

I am pleased to announce the final additions to the Mobile Panel:

  • Ethan Group Pty Ltd
  • Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
  • Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd
  • Macquarie Telecom
  • Pivotel Satellite Pty Ltd

The suppliers already on the Panel are:

Noting the strong performance by SMEs and small business in Government procurement overall in 2013-14, it was interesting to confirm how well these sectors fared in the ICT procurement segment.

Analysis of AusTender contracts in the ICT Goods and Services categories puts the value of the Commonwealth’s ICT procurement market in 2013-14 at $5.2 billion (13,387 contracts), $2.1 billion in goods and $3.1 billion in services.