This week we’ve signed an additional three companies to the Panel:

  • Hewlett Packard Australia Pty Ltd;
  • Metronode Pty Ltd; and,
  • Fujitsu Australia Ltd.

They join the nine suppliers already on the Panel:

  • Australian Data Centres;
  • Canberra Data Centres Pty Limited;
  • NEXTDC Limited;
  • Datapod (Australia) Pty Limited;
  • Digital Sense Hosting Pty Ltd;
  • iiNet Ltd;
  • Enterprise Data Corporation Pty Ltd;
  • Tier 5 Pty Ltd;
  • Pacnet Services (A) Pty Ltd.

I am pleased to announce two further additions to the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel:

  • Enterprise Data Corporation Pty Ltd, and
  • Tier 5 Pty Ltd.

This panel was established in July and I anticipate releasing the final round of appointments in the next few weeks.

I hear a lot from ICT suppliers about panel arrangements, particularly those who have been successful in responding to tenders but have not subsequently been awarded contracts.

I was interested in analysing the AusTender data to see how frequently that occurs and to see if there were any trends in terms of panel size or duration.

Value for money is the core consideration when entities make procurement decisions. This ensures government procurement processes are accountable and the supplier best placed to deliver the service is awarded the contract. For lower valued procurements, below $80,000 for general goods and services and $7.5 million for construction services, entities are able to directly approach one or more suppliers of their choosing provided Division 1 of the CPRs is followed.

Firstly, thank you for the constructive feedback that we have received to date in relation to John Sheridan’s post about the Cloud Procurement Discussion Paper (Discussion Paper). I would like to continue to encourage agency and industry feedback on this document.

Further to the circulation of the Discussion Paper, we are seeking feedback on the content of the draft Head Agreement for a whole of government Cloud Panel*.


Hi All,


On Budget night 2014 the team, in collaboration with colleagues in Finance and Treasury, published data from the 2014 Budget. This was the first time that tables and spreadsheets from the budget were published in data form. The modest effort required has yielded respectable savings in time for the public sector, for industry and for the community as the data had already been transposed into electronic form.

Hello All,

After significant consultation with government agencies and industry, I am happy to announce the release of the Cloud Procurement Discussion Paper regarding an upcoming approach to market to establish a Cloud Panel.

Hello All,

I wanted to provide you with a high level timeline covering our whole of government procurement contracts, arrangements and initiatives. These procurement activities reduce the impost and cost of doing business for government entities and industry alike. They have enabled the aggregation of the Commonwealth’s purchasing power to obtain better value for money outcomes, reduced duplication and effort, provide enhanced information and have generated process efficiencies.

Judging by the amount of AusTender activity we see related to publication of agencies’ Annual Procurement Plans (Plans), many of you find value in the early advice the Plans provide on upcoming procurements.