Gateway Reviews

The Australian Government introduced the Gateway Review Process (Gateway) to strengthen the oversight and governance of major programmes/projects and assist non-corporate Commonwealth entities (NCE) under the Public Governance and Performance Act 2013 (PGPA Act) to deliver agreed programmes/projects in accordance with the stated objectives.

Gateway Review Process

Gateway reviews are conducted across the proposal’s implementation lifecycle, which normally would last for several years. Their purpose is to provide independent assurance and advice to the responsible entity’s Senior Responsible Official to improve delivery and implementation of policies, programmes, projects and services.

Gateway involves short, intensive reviews at critical points in the programme/project’s lifecycle by a team of independent reviewers. This provides an arm's length assessment of the programme/project against its specified objectives, and an early identification of areas requiring corrective action.

What Programmes/Projects Does Gateway Apply To?

Finance may recommend to Government that Gateway apply to a NCE’s  new proposal that is assessed to be high risk and satisfies certain financial thresholds as follows:

  • Projects: with a total cost estimated to be $30 million or more for procurement or infrastructure; or with an estimated total cost of $30 million or more including an ICT component of at least $10 million.
  • Programmes: with a total cost estimated to be greater than $50 million.

 Note: Gateway does not apply to Defence Capability Plan projects assessed by Cabinet under the Kinnaird two-pass approval process.

Further information: RMG-106 Guidance on the Assurance Reviews Process 

Gateway and the ICT Investment Approval Process

The ICT Investment Approval Process and Gateway complement one another, but are separate processes with distinct purposes. The primary focus for the ICT Investment Approval Process is on providing support to the Cabinet decision making process and to assist entities to develop robust business cases that support the successful implementation of ICT enabled proposals. Whereas, Gateway’s focus is on the overall delivery and implementation of the programme/project, and provides timely advice to the Senior Responsible Official responsible for delivering the programme or project.

Note: Where the Government commissions Gateway for a proposal that is also subject to either the ICT Investment Approval Process or Two Stage Capital Works Approval Process, the requirement to conduct the Gateway Gate 0 and 1 reviews is not mandatory. In this scenario, Gateway would only commence after the Government approval process concluded and as such, focus on the implementation phase for the proposal.

Further information: ICT Two Pass Review and ICT Investment

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Last updated: 27 October 2015