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Shared Learning - Building Public Sector Capability

As part of a team, of private and public sector independent individuals, APS reviewers have a unique and strategic learning opportunity to work across government and contribute their experience to provide assurance to an important program/project in the public sector.

Traditional approaches to help build understanding and improve operational performance (e.g. training), are often not enough. Firsthand experience through participation in Gateway reviews contributes to the broader development of program/project capability in the public service.


"I find the process to be very helpful for the sponsoring agency as it gives them confidence that the project is on track while identifying any issues that they may have overlooked. As a public servant the Gateway process has also significantly improved my project management capability and enabled me to bring the lessons of Gateway back to my own department.  I refer to Gateway as the best training course I have ever done" SES Band 1

"A very good process, which gave insight into the manner in which another Department addresses challenges. I look forward to participating in another one" SES Band 2

Very positive process for not only project/program assurance, but for learning's across the Commonwealth" SES Band 1

"I found it rewarding to see how previous (Gateway review) recommendations had been implemented and the value that the agency had received from the process" SES Band 1


Registrations by Public Sector Officials

The Department of Finance (Finance) invites registrations from suitably qualified and experienced persons substantially employed in the public sector. Public sector officials can be from the Australian Government, or from State and Territory, or international government jurisdictions.

Public sector applicants who satisfactorily meet the Evaluation Criteria will be included on the Assurance Reviewer register, noting that this is not an exclusive arrangement through which Assurance reviewers are sourced / engaged.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicants wishing to register as an Assurance Reviewer must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide proof satisfactory to Finance, that you have the skills, expertise and experience in at least three of the following Categories of Expertise (A - H):
    1. Public sector senior executive experience
    2. Portfolio/Program/Project Management expertise and experience such as:
      1. Project/ Program/ Portfolio management
      2. Business analysis
      3. Business change management
      4. Risk management
      5. Benefits realisation
    3. Business and Policy expertise and experience such as:
      1. Policy design and implementation
      2. Financial analysis
      3. Procurement
      4. Legal and contracting
    4. ICT expertise and experience such as:
      1. IT project management
      2. Systems integration
      3. Enterprise architecture
      4. System delivery and management
      5. Electronic documents and records management systems
    5. Infrastructure expertise and experience such as:
      1. Construction / property project management
      2. Facilities management
    6. Operational expertise and experience such as:
      1. Operations support experience
      2. Service delivery experience
      3. Government program and grants administration
    7. Specialised skills or qualifications or experience such as:
      1. Public Private Partnerships
      2. Logistics
      3. Gateway reviews undertaken in other jurisdictions
    8. Other relevant skills or qualifications
  2. Employed substantively at the Senior Executive level (SES) or Executive Level 2 (Director, or equivalent) level and where their application is supported by their Supervisor.
  3. Hold, or is willing to obtain, Australian Government security clearance. This must be sponsored by their home agency.
  4. Undergo relevant training e.g. 'Review Team Member' training or Senior Executive briefings

Application Process

If you satisfactorily meet the Evaluation Criteria, you can apply to become an Assurance Reviewer:

Please note that the following documentation will be requested prior to participation in an assurance review.

  • evidence of Australian Government security clearance (if applicable)
  • evidence of 'Review Team Member' training undertaken

Assessment of Applications

Assessments of applications will be undertaken as applications are received by Finance.

An applicant will be registered only where, in Finance's view, the applicant has satisfactorily demonstrated that he/she has the required skills and expertise as stated in the Evaluation Criteria. Incomplete applications may be disqualified or assessed solely on the information received.

At any time during the assessment process further clarification on any aspect of the application may be requested. Finance may also contact nominated referees. Failure to supply clarification to the satisfaction of Finance may result in the application being rejected.

Finance will advise applicants of its decision to include or exclude them on the register.

Note:  Finance will not provide qualitative feedback on the application and will only respond to the application in terms of whether it meets the specified requirements for inclusion on the register.

Management of the Assurance Reviewer register

To promote the effective use and operation of the Assurance Reviewer register, Finance reserves its absolute right to review the performance of the members and to add or delete members based on expertise and performance.

Engagement as an Assurance Reviewer

Inclusion on the Assurance Reviewer register does not guarantee an applicant will be selected or engaged as an Assurance Reviewer.

Participation in an Assurance Review

The Assurance Reviews Branch consults with the sponsoring agency for each review to ensure an optimal mix of expertise amongst review team members.  Consideration is given to factors such as:

  • relevant knowledge, skills and experience;
  • a degree of continuity of review team members;
  • a mix of public and private sector reviewers (internal benchmark);
  • level of security clearance required for the project;
  • feedback regarding performance on previous reviews from SROs and review team members; and
  • potential conflicts of interest or other sensitivities.

Reviewers identified for possible engagement in a review will be contacted by the Assurance Reviews Branch to determine their 'tentative' availability for an upcoming review.  Finance is under no obligation to engage a reviewer, including when Finance has initiated discussions with the potential reviewer.

If selected to participate in an Assurance review, reviewers may be approached to meet the Sponsoring Agency requirements/processes e.g. undergo police checks.


Enquiries regarding 'Reviewer Team Member' training can be made by email to

Incidental Expenses

Reasonable incidental expenses (as defined by Finance) incurred by public sector reviewers will be reimbursed by Finance, noting that salary costs will be met by the reviewers' employing agency.

Provision of Information to Other Jurisdictions

Where selected to participate in an Assurance Review, Finance will disclose an applicant's information with Sponsoring Agencies.

Finance may also disclose an applicant's information to other Agencies and other governments including state, territory and foreign governments for their use in coordinating Assurance (Gateway) reviews within their respective jurisdictions.

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