Implementation Readiness Assessment (IRA)

The purpose of an IRA is to provide assurance to Government and the responsible entity’s accountable authority on the implementation readiness of certain proposed programmes.

IRAs involve short, independent reviews which are designed to be carried out over the period of one week. It is likely that only a small number of IRAs will be commissioned each year for high risk proposals.

IRAs focus strategically on key areas in determining the capability and preparedness of the entity in planning to implement a proposal and in doing so, provide entities with the opportunity to gain independent assurance on how well practical delivery issues are being addressed in preparing for implementation.

The IRA process draws on the methodology contained in the Better Practice Guide on Implementation of Programme and Policy Initiatives: Making Implementation Matter (Australian National Audit Office and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, October 2006) and the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Gateway Review Process

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Last updated: 18 November 2014