Assurance Reviewers

Assurance reviewers have extensive skills, expertise and experience in their field and may be sourced from the public or private sectors. Reviewers are selected to participate in an assurance review on the basis of suitability and availability.

Review Teams

An assurance review team is selected for the relevance of their skills and experience and usually consists of a Review Team Leader and up to three Review Team Members. The Assurance Reviews Unit, Department of Finance, in consultation with the Sponsoring Agency, determine the optimal composition of the review team for each review.

Review Team Responsibilities

Review Team Members' responsibilities include:

  • identifying relevant documentation for review and participants for interview;
  • considering material relevant to the Review, and forming an opinion on the adequacy of the material, based on their experience and expertise;
  • participating in the discussion and assessment of the programme/project under review in a professional and objective manner;
  • assist in gathering and analysing the information made available, interviews and report writing;
  • contributing to the development of a high-quality and constructive Review Report;
  • working cooperatively with all participants in the Review, including the Review team, the Sponsoring Agency and the Assurance Reviews Unit;
  • contributing, as required, to briefing the Senior Responsible Official on the Reviews conclusions and recommendations on the last day of the review; and
  • providing feedback to the Assurance Reviews Unit on the Review Team Leader.

Review Team Guidance

The Questions and Answers Information Sheet for Review Team Members on the Assurance Reviews Process provides an overview and practical guidance for Review Team Members. It supports and should be read in conjunction with the primary Assurance Review publications.

Q&A Review Team Members on the Assurance Reviews Process

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