Assurance Reviewers

Access to highly credentialed reviewers who provide a mentoring and coaching role to the entities is fundamental to the ongoing success of the Assurance Reviews Process. Assurance reviewers are selected for their extensive skills, expertise and experience in their field and may be sourced from the public or private sectors. Reviewers are selected to participate in an Assurance Review on the basis of suitability and availability.

An Assurance Review team consists of a Review Team Leader and up to three Review Team Members. The Assurance Reviews Unit in the Department of Finance, in consultation with your entity will determine the optimal composition of the review team for your review.

Further information about becoming a reviewer is available:

An Assurance Reviews question and answer information sheet is also available to provide an overview and guidance for review team members. This document should be read in conjunction with other Assurance Review publications.


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Last updated: 28 January 2016