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Portfolio Panels for IT Services Policy

Reporting on the PPP has ceased

Finance has completed its reporting obligations in relation to this policy. There will be no further monitoring or updates made to the tables published on this page or its subpages. The tables will remain available in their current state for reference purposes.


In 2008, Sir Peter Gershon recommended that Government optimise its ICT panel arrangements. Finance conducted a series of consultations with agencies through the Chief Information Officer Committee (CIOC) and engaged the IT industry through discussion papers and workshops, seeking the optimal solution specifically for IT Services. In November 2011, the Secretaries' ICT Governance Board (SIGB) endorsed the decision to transition to a smaller number of IT Services panels via this Portfolio Panels for IT Services policy. This policy focuses on IT Services panels and limits portfolios to a maximum of three IT Services panels each. In addition, each of the IT Services panels is required to have a multi-agency-access clause. This policy aims to reduce, by December 2014, the number of panels (as at November 2011) by 50%; significantly reducing the burden and cost of establishing and administering such a large number of panels. The AGIMO Circular 2011/004 – Portfolio Panels for IT Services is available in PDF and RTF format:

In operation

Commonwealth Government entities will use their portfolio panels to procure their IT Services, however, it won't be restricted to the IT Services panels within their portfolio. Each new IT Services panel will include a multi-agency access clause (piggybacking) to simplify procurement for all Commonwealth Government entities. This will make IT Services panels from other portfolios available to the entity. Should any existing IT Services panel not cater for an entity's requirements, the entity can consider an approach to the market via open tender within the boundaries of this policy.

Since the establishment of the Policy in November 2011, the number of panels (as at August 2014) has been reduced significantly. The following table provides clear evidence of the Policy's effectiveness.

JPG file

Establishing an IT Services panel

Each portfolio will be responsible for identifying how it will transition from their current arrangements, to the policy target of a maximum of three panels. A portfolio's IT Services panel can be developed by the portfolio itself or one of the portfolio's line entities. When an entity decides to establish a new IT Services panel, it should consult/collaborate with all entities within its portfolio with a view to capturing the IT Services the portfolio is likely to require over the course of the panel. A number of options are available to entities under cooperative procurement and more advice is available at the Cooperative Procurement Guidance page. Any newly established IT Services panels must include a multi-agency access clause. This will allow access to the panel by any entities interested in procuring from the panel. In establishing an IT Services panel, an entity must have regard to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) and its entity's Accountable Authority's Instructions (AAIs) or equivalent.

Guidance on Multi-Agency Access Provisions

To assist entities ensure multi-agency access clauses are included in IT Services panels, a selection of example clauses and additional considerations are provided for Tender approaches and the resulting Deeds. Entities are under no obligation to use these clauses in part or full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for the Portfolio Panels for IT Services Policy.

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