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Australian Government Information Interoperability Framework

The Australian Government Information Interoperability Framework identifies those components that support an environment where information that is generated and held by government will be valued and managed as a national strategic asset. The Framework provides the principles that underpin sound information management and establishes the concepts, practices and tools that will drive the successful sharing of information across government boundaries. Information interoperability describes the ability to confidently exchange information across portfolio boundaries. Information interoperability provides significant benefits, including:

  • reduced costs of information collection and management through streamlined collection, processing and storage;
  • added value for government through reusing existing information, sharing infrastructure and designing integrated, collaborative methods of delivering services;
  • improved timeliness, consistency and quality of government responses - information will be easily accessible, relevant, accurate, and complete;
  • improved accountability and transparency for citizens;
  • improved decision making for policy and business processes, resulting in more integrated planning and enhanced government service delivery;
  • improved national competitiveness; and
  • improved national security.

The Australian Government Information Interoperability Framework was developed by the Information Interoperability Working Group, a reference group formed from representatives a range of Australian Government agencies nominated by the former Chief Information Officers’ Committee (CIOC) and supported by Finance.

The publication

Australia Government Information Interoperability Framework [PDF Document –  2.4 MB]

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