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Information Session - Insurance and Indemnities

In November 2004, Comcover conducted an information session to assist Fund Members to further their understanding of indemnities and the cover provided by the Comcover Insurance Policy. The complementary session was open to all Comcover Fund Members and was well attended by delegates from a wide selection of agencies.

Presentations were heard from Comcover and legal and risk management experts, which included a case study activity. A panel discussion followed, directed by questions posed by agencies in attendance. Please find below links to the presentation papers (or show), with useful extracts to aid agencies with developing and understanding agency risk exposures.


Andrew Miles Presentation Notes
Andrew Miles Presentation Notes - PDF [PDF Document 173 KB]
Andrew Miles Presentation Notes - RTF [Word Document 166 KB]

Bryan Whitefield Presentation
Bryan Whitefield Presentation - PDF [PDF Document 181 KB]

Mark Adams Presentation
Mark Adams Presentation - PDF [PDF Document 143 KB]
Mark Adams Presentation - RTF [Word Document 67 KB]

Useful Tables and Resources

Consequence Categories
Consequence Categories - PDF [PDF Document 122 KB]
Consequence Categories - RTF [Word Document 29 KB]

Likelihood Analysis
Likelihood Analysis - PDF [PDF Document 81 KB]
Likelihood Analysis - RTF [Word Document 15 KB]

Qualitative Risk Analysis Matrix
Qualitative Risk Analysis Matrix - PDF [PDF Document 132 KB]
Qualitative Risk Analysis Matrix - RTF [Word Document 74 KB]

Case Study
Case Study - PDF [PDF Document 100 KB]
Case Study - RTF [Word Document 26 KB]

Responses to Questions Posed at the Session
Responses to Questions Posed at the Session - PDF [PDF Document 280 KB]
Responses to Questions Posed at the Session - ZIP [Zipped Document 359 KB]

Should you have further questions or require additional information on risk management or indemnities within contracts and the impact on insurance, please contact Comcover Member Services.

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