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About the CIO and CTO/Procurement Coordinator

On 17 December 2012 A New Direction for AGIMO was blogged, announcing the creation of a new Australian Government Chief Technology Officer (AGCTO) role to complement the role of the Australian Government Chief Information Officer (AGCIO). Mr John Sheridan was appointed to the AGCTO position and Mr Glenn Archer was appointed to the AGCIO role. These changes took place on 4 February 2013.

AGIMO was effectively split into two functions, the AGCIO and a new AGCTO role. In brief, the AGCIO looks after whole of government ICT policy while the AGCTO looks after whole of government ICT services and procurement. The AGCIO continues to lead a leaner AGIMO Division, while the AGCTO is in charge of the newly created Technology and Procurement Division. Both functions are still within the Department of Finance(DoF).

John Sheridan also holds the position of Procurement Coordinator.

About the AGCIO (AGIMO)

Glenn Archer, First Assistant Secretary, AGIMOGlenn Archer, First Assistant Secretary, AGIMO

The Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) works across government to maintain Australia's position as a leader in the productive application of information and communications technologies to government administration, information and services.

AGIMO fosters the efficient and effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) by Australian government departments and agencies. It provides advice, tools, information and services to help Australian government departments and agencies use ICT to improve administration and service delivery – often referred to as e-government. AGIMO also works with governments and other bodies at the local, state, national and international levels to develop and maintain Australia's position as a world leader in e-government.

AGIMO is led by Mr Glenn Archer who is the Australian Government Chief Information Officer (AGCIO) and a First Assistant Secretary, within Governance and Resource Management in the Department of Finance.

First Assistant Secretary: Glenn Archer
Phone: (02) 6215 2240

Key AGIMO Roles and Responsibilities

AGIMO aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Australian Government Information and Communications Technology (ICT) activities. It achieves this aim through development of ICT policies to meet emerging trends, analysis of significant proposals, practical guidance to agencies, programs to develop ICT skills, support for governance bodies and responding to emerging technologies and issues. Through whole of government solutions and standards, it provides the foundation to re-use solutions across agencies, reduce duplication and share data and systems. The Office administers the Two Pass Review process, which ensures that major ICT spending proposals are based on sound business cases supported by thorough analysis. The Office provides policy advice and secretariat support to the Secretaries’ ICT Governance Board and its supporting bodies. It also provides practical advice to agencies in the form of frameworks and better practice guidance.

AGIMO consists of two branches.

  • Governance and Policy Branch
  • ICT Skills, Capability and Investment Branch

Governance and Policy Branch

Assistant Secretary: Marc Vickers
Phone: (02) 6215 1612

  • Leads the implementation of the Australian Government’s ICT Strategy
  • Develops ICT policies to meet emerging trends
  • Provides Secretariat support for whole-of-government ICT committees
  • Maintains and extends the Australian Government Architecture
  • Leads work on cloud computing, open source software and IPv6
  • Leads work on whole-of-government solutions and cross agency collaboration
  • Develops and coordinates authentication standards, frameworks and guides

ICT Skills, Capability and Investment Branch

Assistant Secretary: Lesley Seebeck
Phone: (02) 6215 2271

  • Supports agencies to apply ICT Two-Pass process
  • Provides advice and analysis to Budget Group on ICT proposals
  • Develops business case guidance
  • Conducts Improve Agency Capability initiative
  • Develops and coordinates ICT skills strategies and programs within the Australian Government

About the AGCTO/Procurement Coordinator (Technology and Procurement Division)

John Sheridan, First Assistant Secretary, Technology & Procurement DivisionJohn Sheridan, First Assistant Secretary, Technology & Procurement Division

Technology and Procurement Division (TPD) advocates, supports and provides innovative, efficient and effective use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for Australian government departments and agencies. We provide infrastructure, expertise and services to help departments and agencies improve their administration and service delivery.

TPD is led by the Australian Government Chief Technology Officer (AGCTO), Mr John Sheridan within Business, Procurement and Asset Management in the Department of Finance.

Mr Sheridan also holds the role in TPD of whole of government Procurement Coordinator, responsible for assisting the business community in matters relating to broader procurement activities conducted by the Australian Government.

While the AGCIO maintains the Australian Government ICT Strategy 2012-2015, TPD also uses it as a key framework document in our work delivering whole of government ICT services and procurement.

Key Technology and Procurement Division Roles and Responsibilities

First Assistant Secretary: John Sheridan
Phone: (02) 6215 1501

The role of Technology and Procurement Division is to coordinate, acquire and support common, whole of government ICT products and services. It is responsible for the Australian Government Online Service Point (AGOSP), Fedlink, ICON,, the Government Online Directory, ICT sustainability, data centre strategy, coordinated procurement for ICT products and services, and ICT market and sourcing strategies.

It is also responsible for all whole of government coordinated procurement. The roles and responsibilities of the Procurement Coordinator are:

  • Providing external parties with an understanding of the Commonwealth Procurement framework;
  • Handling of certain complaints;
  • Monitoring issues related to Australian Government procurement; and
  • Reporting to the Minister for Finance and Deregulation on procurement matters.

Online Services Branch

Assistant Secretary: Sharyn Clarkson
Phone: (02) 6215 3339

Online Services Branch delivers whole of government services to Australian Government agencies and individuals.

Services provided by the branch include:

Government Network Services Branch

Assistant Secretary: Chris Dale
Phone: (02) 6215 1801

Provision and maintenance of communication and infrastructure services to the Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries:

  • Manages the Ministerial Communications Network (MCN) which provides secure telecommunication services to all Ministers, Parliamentary Offices, and Agency Heads, in Parliament House and throughout Australia
  • Manages the Intragovernment Communications Network (ICON), an optical fibre network that links all Commonwealth offices throughout Canberra
  • Provides Wide Area Network (WAN) communications services for Finance interstate offices
  • Provides communications support to whole of government functions such as CHOGM, APEC, and Continuity of Government initiatives

ICT Procurement Branch

Assistant Secretary: Mundi Tomlinson
Phone: (02) 6215 2293

  • Establishes, maintains and operates coordinated procurement contracting arrangements for ICT infrastructure and software licensing
  • Maintains and operates frameworks and policies for engagement between the Australian Government and ICT industry participants
  • Manages the implementation and realisation of the benefits of the Australian Government Data Centre Strategy 2010-25
  • Establishes, maintains and operates coordinated procurement contracting arrangements for telecommunications products and service
  • Coordinates reduction of government internet gateways to reduce them to the minimum number required for operational efficiency and reliability

Procurement Policy Branch

Assistant Secretary: Yvette Sims
Phone: (02) 6215 2124

  • Procurement Policy Branch is responsible for procurement policy development, providing advice to the Government on the procurement policy framework and developing supporting guidance for agencies.
  • To support these policy functions the Branch coordinates regular Australian Government Forums to build expertise, promote the understanding of procurement policy and to facilitate networking. The Forums are supported by a monthly Procurement Bulletin.
  • The Branch is also responsible for managing AusTender, the Australian Government's centralised procurement information and e-tendering system, designing and implementing the tender processes, and establishing the contracts, for relevant whole of government arrangements.

Procurement Management Branch

Assistant Secretary: Lorraine Watt
Phone: (02) 6215 1952

The Procurement Management Branch is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing operation of twelve whole of government procurement arrangements which aim to increase efficiency and reduce costs for agencies. The procurement arrangements are:

  • Major Office Machines (MOMs)
  • Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS);
  • Air Travel (Domestic and International);
  • Travel Management Companies (TMC’s);
  • Credit Cards, Accommodation, and Rental Cars;
  • Australian Government Fleet (Existing and New); and
  • Australian Government Advertising (Non-Campaign and Campaign).

The Branch also maintains the Fleet Vehicle Selection, Non-Campaign Recruitment Advertising, and the Lowest Practical Fare and International Best Fare of the Day Air travel policies.

Procurement Implementation Branch

Assistant Secretary: Andrew Staines
Phone: (02) 6215 2124

The procurement Implementation Branch is responsible for designing and implementing the tender processes, and establishing the contracts, for relevant whole-of-government arrangements.  This includes already established arrangements that are reaching the end of their contracted period.  The Branch is currently working on renewing arrangements for travel services, and the campaign and non-campaign master media agencies.