Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO)

AGIMO works across government to ensure Australia’s position as a leader in the productive application of information and communications technologies to government administration, information and services. AGIMO oversights the development of whole-of-government policy, strategies and standards in regards to the Australian Government’s use of information and communications technology (ICT).

AGIMO fosters the efficient and effective use of by Australian government departments and agencies to increase public sector and national productivity.

AGIMO achieves these aims by developing whole of government ICT policies to meet emerging technologies and issues, analysing and providing advice on significant government ICT proposals, providing practical guidance to agencies, delivering programs to develop ICT skills, and supporting ICT governance across government.

Digital Government Strategy

Assistant Secretary: Marc Vickers
Phone: (02) 6215 1612

  • Leads the implementation of the Australian Government’s ICT Strategy
  • Develops ICT policies to meet emerging trends
  • Provides Secretariat support for whole-of-government ICT committees
  • Maintains and extends the Australian Government Architecture
  • Leads work on cloud computing, open source software and IPv6
  • Leads work on whole-of-government solutions and cross agency collaboration
  • Develops and coordinates authentication standards, frameworks and guides

Digital Government Investment and Assurance

Assistant Secretary: Rina Bruinsma
Phone: (02) 6215 2441

  • Supports agencies to apply ICT Two-Pass process
  • Provides advice and analysis to Budget Group on ICT proposals
  • Develops business case guidance
  • Conducts Improve Agency Capability initiative
  • Develops and coordinates ICT skills strategies and programs within the Australian Government