Communications Multi-Use List

The Department of Finance (Finance) has established a Whole-of-Government Communications Multi-Use List (CMUL) of communications experts interested in working on Australian Government advertising and information campaigns.

The CMUL is continuously open to new applicants with experience and expertise in the following five specialist categories:

  • Advertising
  • Market and social research
  • Public relations
  • Communicating with Indigenous Australians
  • Communicating with people from non-English speaking backgrounds

Organisations may apply for CMUL participation against multiple categories as appropriate.

The CMUL has been operational since 31 March 2009.

Inclusion on the CMUL will not constitute a guarantee of work, nor can membership of the list be used to imply that a business is a supplier to government or has any preferred position.

The Communications Multi-Use List:

Must be used by Non-Corporate Commonwealth entities covered by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 to select communications suppliers for campaigns with expenditure over $250,000;

Replaces all other procurement mechanisms that entities may have in place (this includes any panels or multi-use lists); and

Must not be used to select communications suppliers for campaigns with total expenditure under $250,000 or for other work not related to a campaign.


Search CMUL Participants

To view current CMUL Participants, please select the Search tab on the CMUL home page [External Website].

How to apply for inclusion on the CMUL

The CMUL application process is three simple steps:

  • Download the application pack and save on your computer or network
  • Complete your application off-line
  • Submit your application via the CMUL application on AusTender

To apply for inclusion on the CMUL you must be an AusTender registered user. If you are not registered on AusTender, select the 'New user registration' link in the login box located at the top left of AusTender web pages, and create your registration.  Once you are registered on AusTender, follow the steps below to download the application pack and submit your application:

  • Select the Participate tab at the top of the screen
  • Enter your AusTender username and password and click the 'Login' button  
  • Download the CMUL application pack from the top of the 'Apply for Inclusion' page and save it on your computer or network
  • Complete the CMUL application forms offline and save your completed application on your computer or network

When you are ready to submit your application return to, select the Participate tab and complete the online application component.  Attach your application file and click the 'Save as draft' button if you would like to review your application or check content prior to submitting it.  To submit your application click the 'Submit' button. Applications saved as a draft should be submitted within two months. 

Assessment of applications

Applications are progressively assessed. Applicants will be notified by email about status of their application. 

How to update your Participant details on the CMUL

To update your details return to, select the Participate tab, select the 'Edit details' link and follow the instructions on the page.

CMUL Contact Details

All enquiries about the operation of the CMUL and the status of your application should be directed to the CMUL Administrator.

Telephone: (02) 6215 2677

Technical enquiries regarding use of AusTender should be directed to the AusTender Help Desk.

Telephone: 1300 651 698


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Last updated: 01 August 2014