Finance Employment Conditions

A summary of the non-SES Finance employment conditions is provided below.  To see the full terms and conditions, or for COMCAR Casual Driver conditions, refer to the Finance Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 (Finance EA).

Note: Some terms and conditions are discretionary in nature.

Condition APS 1 - EL2
Ordinary hours

7 hours 30 minutes per day (averaged over a four week settlement period of 150 hours).


Ordinary hours can be worked within a bandwidth of 7am – 7pm Monday-Friday.

Flexible and additional hours

APS 1-6 employees:

  • flex-time on an hour-for-hour basis (to vary working patterns and for additional duty beyond 7 hours 30 that does not attract overtime); and
  • overtime payable at  1.5 times the ordinary hourly rate of pay for additional duty required in excess of 10 hours on a weekday, on a public holiday, weekend or annual closedown.

Executive Level staff access to TOIL (time off in lieu) for required work beyond 8.5 hours in a day, and work on public holidays, weekends, and annual closedown. An additional duty payment of $2,180 is payable where 75 hours or more TOIL is accrued over a financial year.

Annual salary /
Pay point advancement

Competitive salary rates as per relevant classification, with annual increase of 3% each July.

Eligible employees advance one pay point in July each year (within their relevant classification) subject to effective performance.

Salary on commencement will be at the minimum guide point unless otherwise negotiated prior to commencement.
Allowances and other payments

Finance provides a number of specific allowances and other payments where relevant, including:

  • First Aid Officer;
  • Departmental Liaison Officer;
  • Restriction Payment;
  • Relocation assistance;
  • Reimbursement of family care costs;
  • Higher Duties (from 20 days acting at a higher classification);
  • Loss or damage to clothing or personal effects;
  • COMCAR operational;
  • COMCAR supervising driver.

Finance will make compulsory employer contributions as required by the applicable legislative and fund requirements.

For PSS Accummulation Scheme (or Super Choice) employers, the contribution rate is currently 15.4% based on ordinary time earnings. Employer contributions will continue in periods of parental leave without pay.
Salary sacrificing Employees may sacrifice up to 100% of their available salary, and are encouraged to seek independent financial advice.
Flexible work arrangements

A number of flexible work arrangements may be supported within Finance, within the scope of operational requirements, including:

  • Part time);
  • Work from home;
  • Job Sharing.

Finance will seek to accommodate the part-time work requests of parents on return from parental leave up until the child is of school age.


A generous range of leave entitlements are available to Finance employees, including:

  • Annual leave (20 days per annum);
  • Annual closedown (three working days between Christmas and New Years);
  • Purchased Annual leave (up to four weeks per annum);
  • Personal/ Carer’s leave (18 days per annum);
  • Unpaid Carers leave;
  • Parental leave (a qualifying period applies for paid maternity leave):
    • 16 weeks paid maternity leave
    • 16 weeks paid adoption / long term foster leave
    • 4 weeks supporting partner leave
  • Long Service leave;
  • Paid Compassionate and Bereavement leave;
  • Defence Reserve leave;
  • Miscellaneous leave (paid or unpaid for a variety of purposes for example participation in religious, cultural and ceremonial events or short term volunteer purposes).

Certain leave types can be taken at half pay.

Finance also maintains a ‘Serious Illness Registry’. Finance employees can donate personal leave credits to assist employees who have exhausted their paid leave due to a serious or terminal illness.

NB: Annual leave balances listed are for full time employees. Part time employees will be credited leave on a pro rata basis.

Healthy Supportive Workplace

Finance provides a safe and healthy work environment, consistent with all legislative obligations.  Access to the following provisions/ facilities is outlined in the Finance EA:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP), access to confidential free counselling for work or personal issues;
  • Eyesight testing and reimbursement;
  • Childcare facilities;
  • Breastfeeding friendly workplace.

Performance Management and Professional development

Finance employees participate in the Finance performance management framework.  Supporting the ongoing professional development of employees is a key component of the framework. This may include:

  • Financial assistance (up to $8,000 per calendar year) and/or study leave (up to 6 hours per week) for relevant tertiary studies.
  • Reimbursement of professional memberships and/or subscriptions relevant to Finance’s operational requirements.
Strategic / Cultural  Initiatives

Finance has committed to a number of strategic initiatives in the Finance EA, and through the Finance Strategic Plan. This includes commitments to:

  • Workplace Diversity;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Support Mature Age employees (including development of a mature age alumni);
  • Develop of an employee Capability Framework.

Develop a Reward and Recognition Program.

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