Get to Know Our Graduates

Our Graduates come from diverse backgrounds and are placed in many areas across Finance. The testimonials below from our 2011 Graduates will give you an idea on the type of work you could be involved in.


NDIS and Aged Care Team, Budget Group.

I work in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care Team in the Social Policy Division of Budget Group. Working on the Federal Budget has helped me to understand the way the Government makes expenditure decisions, and working on the NDIS has given me a chance to be involved with the implementation of one of Australia’s biggest social reforms.

Finance is a great place to work, the pay and conditions are very good and the Graduate Program provides a great way to join the Public Service. Finance also has various networks that you can get involved with. I’m a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network, we help the Department organise events and act as a peer support network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members.


Agriculture and Industry Branch, Budget Group
I work in the Industry, Education and Infrastructure Agency Advice Unit (AAU). Working in an AAU has exposed me to a wide range of interesting policy issues. I've worked on everything from the formation of the carbon price package to Australia's bid to host a vast network of radio telescopes. One of the really cool things about working in an AAU is that you often see the things that you are working on in the news.


Communications and Coordination Branch, Chief Operating Officer Group
I work in the Communications and Public Affairs team and have enjoyed the exposure I have had across Finance - working on a range of communications strategies, media enquiries and events for different business groups. Working at Finance, a central agency, has also given me a unique whole-of-government perspective which has been valuable, especially at this early stage of my career in the Australian Public Service.

Finance is a great place to work and being a Graduate here is a privileged position where people at all levels give generously of their time and are more than willing to answer questions. The learning and development program has equipped me with the skills I have needed throughout the year. I have been challenged and encouraged by colleagues, managers and my mentor. I'm glad I chose to join the Finance Graduate program and am already looking forward to new opportunities within the department.

Smart Fact Did you know? Finance developed and manages - a gateway of information and services gathered from over 900 Australia Government websites as well as state and territory resources.


People Branch, Chief Operating Officer Group
Coming from Perth, Canberra seemed so small and so far away. The thought of moving here was terrifying. But with the help of the Graduate coordinators, relocation was a breeze. My car and furniture were brought over which helped me settle in quickly and I was soon exploring all that Canberra had to offer. It's actually not that much different to home.


ICT Procurement Branch, Business, Procurement and Asset Management Group
In my role in the Data Centre Procurement team I have drafted Ministerial and departmental briefs, drafted correspondence to external stakeholders, created service catalogues for data centres and provided advice to agencies in relation to the Data Centre Strategy. As part of the team, I have organised workshops around Australia with other agencies, conducted research for the project and drafted internal and external correspondence.

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