Get to Know Our Graduates

Faheem Khan

I work in the Immigration Agency Advice Unit (AAU) in the Government and Defence Division. Working on the Federal Budget within an AAU has exposed me to the process of Government decision making and the importance of providing “frank and fearless” advice to decision makers.

Joining Finance was my first professional full-time occupation after University and I have found the Graduate Program to be a fantastic introduction to life within the Australian Public Service (APS). I have joined the Diversity Network within Finance and participated in the Finance FC team in the APS soccer competition, both of which have helped me settle in to both Finance and Canberra.

Jesse Fatnowna

I work in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Aged Care Team in the Social Policy Division of Budget & Financial Reporting. Working on the Federal Budget has helped me to understand the way the Government makes expenditure decisions, and working on the NDIS has given me a chance to be involved with the implementation of one of Australia’s biggest social reforms.

Finance is a great place to work, the pay and conditions are very good and the Graduate Program provides a great way to join the Public Service. Finance also has various networks that you can get involved with. I’m a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network, we help the Department organise events and act as a peer support network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff members. Finance also has a Diversity Network, a Women’s Network and a Social Club who all organise various worthwhile events for the Department throughout the year.

Katherine Harper

As an ancient history graduate, I was quite amazed (and relieved) I even got an interview at Finance. Finance appreciated the research and analytical skills that an Arts Degree had taught me and saw them as highly transferrable. I wanted to work at Finance because every new major project or proposal has to go through Finance at some point. It means you can be involved in some very interesting and varied work.

I work in the International Policy team. Most people are surprised by the things that we do as they are very different to what people normally associate with Finance. We work with countries in the Indo-Pacific region to help them develop and improve their public financial management. I have worked on projects to do with Indonesia, PNG, Solomon Islands, Singapore, Nepal, and India. I enjoy working in international aid as I have to keep abreast of international political, strategic, and economic developments.

As a grad, people are very generous with their time and willing to help you in any way they can. Many opportunities are open to you if you want to take them. I was lucky enough to work with ComCar at the G20 and have been involved in the Young Leaders Network.  It meant that I could embed myself in my team and do meaningful work right from the beginning.

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Last updated: 25 July 2016