What Does Finance Do?

We sit at the heart of government decision making, and assist the government in shaping and delivering its agenda by providing high quality advice and services over a wide range of policy and program areas.

We engage on fiscal and economic matters – particularly in relation to the Australian Government Budget. We deliver professional support to our ministers, parliamentarians and their staff, and to the government as a whole.

Some of the dynamic work delivered by Finance includes:

  • supporting the delivery of the Australian Government Budget
  • managing the government’s non-defence property and the sale of government assets
  • managing the financial framework for Australian Government agencies
  • providing advice and support to parliamentarians and their employees about their employment conditions
  • maintaining shareholder oversight for Government Business Enterprises
  • providing general insurance services to government agencies, and promoting improved risk management
  • leading government in the application of new and existing information and communication technologies
Smart Fact Did you know? Finance played a significant role in developing DisabilityCare Australia by providing advice on design, cost, governance and financial management.


Four business groups manage Finance’s work:

    • Budget Group advises the Minister for Finance, senior ministers and the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet on whole-of-government budgetary, financial and non-tax revenue policy issues and expenditure priorities. Budget Group supports the government in preparing, delivering and managing the Australian Government Budget.
    • Business, Procurement and Asset Management Group (BPAM) manages the Australian Government’s business and non-defence property assets, implements and manages the sale or divestment of such assets, handles residual business issues and is responsible for delivering all whole of government coordinated procurement services.
    • Chief Operating Officer Group (COOG) delivers corporate services to the department and its employees, including facilities, security, legal, human resources and IT. COOG also provides advice and support to parliamentarians and their employees about their employment conditions.
    • Governance and Resource Management Group (GaRM) develops and advises on the budgetary and financial framework relevant to public sector agencies. This includes advising on governance and accounting policy issues, on the government’s investment funds, and on superannuation arrangements for members of parliament and APS employees. GaRM also works across government to maintain Australia's position as a leader in the application of information and communications technologies to government administration, information and services.
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