What Can You Offer Finance as a Graduate?

We work closely in teams to achieve our objectives, so collaboration and communication skills are highly valued. 

We are looking for Graduates who will nurture positive relationships and have effective communication skills, who are innovative and creative, are committed to excellence, and who show personal drive and integrity. We are committed to the APS Values and expect that our employees will be too.

The Finance Strategic Plan 2011-2014 sets out the direction in which Finance is heading, and the following four aspirations sum up what we are striving to achieve:

  • Culture – being a great place to work where great work is done
  • Collaboration – engaging with others to deliver better outcomes
  • Excellence – being the best that we can be
  • Influence – respected for the difference we make

Are you eligible to apply?

In order to apply for our Graduate program you must:

  • be an Australian citizen, or going to be granted Australian citizenship and be able to provide evidence of this
  • have maintained at least a credit average throughout your university degree
  • be completing your final year of study or have completed your degree in the last five years
  • be willing to relocate to Canberra
Smart Fact Did you know? Finance was responsible for developing and establishing the BoardLinks initiative. BoardLinks facilitates the appointment of highly skilled and qualified women to Australian Government Boards, including through the provision of support, training and mentoring opportunities..

Does Finance take your degree?

We take ALL degrees! From Ancient History to Accounting, Education to Engineering. We have a particular interest in the following disciplines:

Accounting • Arts • Business • Commerce • Finance • Property • Economics • Engineering • Law
Communications • Information and Communications Technology

What skills are we looking for?

At Finance, we are looking for people who want to be challenged, work in a fast paced environment, demonstrate a desire to learn and who have the right attitude. Some of the main skills we look for in Graduates are:

  • ability to think critically
  • strong research and analysis skills
  • ability to work as part of a team
  • strong verbal and written communication skills
  • ability to think outside the square and to be creative
  • attention to detail and accuracy
  • wise use of judgement
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