Get to Know Our Career Starters

Read over some of our 2010 Career Starters’ experiences - what they find interesting about their jobs and what the Career Starters’ Program has done for them.

What do you do at work?

Jonathan da Silva
Jonathan Da Silva
Marist College

I’m a Payroll Officer, and my responsibilities are to administer the pay and entitlements of staff employed by our Senators and Members in Parliament. I am part of a team that looks after the Northern Territory and Victoria. Jonathan da Silva

I work closely with my team to research and draft legal processes, as well as creating financial reporting requirements for Government agencies. I am also involved in various projects aimed at achieving more efficient and accountable Government financial frameworks. Simon Liu

I'm a Communications Officer Assistant, which means I run a print and copy service for the Department. I also work on simple graphic design tasks, order print room stock, update databases and help to organise Departmental events. Julia Grieve

What do you find most interesting about your job?

Stacey Baker
Stacey Baker
Saint Francis Xavier College

The diversity of jobs within the Department is staggering. It is a common misconception that the Department is purely a financial tool for Government, however there are so many different careers in Finance you couldn’t squeeze them all into one life-time. Jonathan da Silva

The people that I work with are all quite young, so even though I have only been here for nine months I have made some great friends. I’m also constantly learning new things so it’s impossible to get bored! Stacey Baker

The most stimulating part of my job is being able to see the big picture view of practical and technical operations of Government finances. My job greatly complements my study as I get the opportunity to see how the economic and legal theory I learn at University is applied in day to day, real world situations. Simon Liu


How has the Career Starter Programme helped you to achieve your goals?

Julia Grieve
Julia Grieve
Erindale College

The Career Starters' Programme is the perfect first step to a rewarding career in the Public Service. Through the formal and on-the-job training I have received, I am confident that I have a good base of skills to build a successful career. The Department has also sponsored my University studies and the pay is great – what more can you want? Jonathan da Silva

The Career Starters' Programme has provided me with the opportunity to develop myself professionally. The Programme has given me a definite edge in pursuing a career in finance and actively supports my University studies. While the Program is challenging in the sense that you are given real roles and responsibilities, there is so much support for your personal development and goals. Simon Liu

The Career Starters' Programme has provided me with interesting and professional career opportunities, independence and a sense of responsibility. Julia Grieve


Why would you recommend the Career Starter Programme?

Simon Liu
Simon Liu
Sydney Boys High

The Career Starters' Programme is a great way to start a successful career. You get treated like an adult and receive a lot of support from your colleagues and manager, so it’s a great first step to having more responsibility and being your own person. Stacey Baker

I would definitely recommend the Career Starters' Program for those wanting to get a head start in their career. For me, the opportunity to work in a central agency and get practical experience in contributing to the operations of Government is priceless. Simon Liu

The Career Starters' Programme is a great choice if you’re not sure what to do after Year 12. There are so many opportunities and you can gain valuable work experience while you decide what you want to do. Julia Grieve




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