Get to Know Us

The Department of Finance (Finance) is one of the Australian Government’s central agencies. We help the Government to shape and deliver its agenda, particularly in relation to the budget, spending and the operation of Government.

Essential services delivered by Finance include:

  • supporting the delivery of the Australian Government Budget
  • ongoing management of the Australian Government’s non-defence domestic property portfolio and key asset sales
  • managing the financial framework for Australian Government Agencies
  • providing entitlements advice and support to parliamentarians and their employees
  • maintaining shareholder oversight for Government Business Enterprises
  • providing general insurance services to government agencies and promoting improved risk management
  • providing strategic advice, guidance and service provision to Government for the productive application of new and existing information and communication technologies

What Will You Do?

Our Career Starters perform roles such as:

  • general administration (filing, data entry, processing invoices, answering phones and written requests)
  • project or contract assistance (coordinating meetings, tracking tasks, drafting reports, organising events and liaising with stakeholders)
  • policy development (researching issues, sharing ideas and writing reports)
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Last updated: 17 July 2015