Technology and Procurement Division

John Sheridan
John Sheridan

First Assistant Secretary

Technology and Procurement Division (TPD) advocates, supports and provides innovative, efficient and effective use of information and communications technologies (ICT) for Australian government departments and agencies. We provide infrastructure, expertise and services to help departments and agencies improve their administration and service delivery.

TPD is led by the Australian Government Chief Technology Officer (AGCTO) and Procurement Coordinator, Mr John Sheridan within Commercial and Government Services in the Department of Finance.


Australian Government Chief Technology Officer

Whole of Government ICT Services and Procurement

TPD is responsible for the provision of whole of government ICT online services, networks and procurement, including Fedlink, ICON,, the Government Online Directory, ICT sustainability, data centre strategy, coordinated procurement for ICT products and services, and ICT market and sourcing strategies.

The Australian Government Chief Information Officer is responsible for whole of government ICT policy.

Australian Government Procurement Coordinator

Whole of Government Procurement

TPD is also responsible for all whole of government coordinated procurement. This includes providing external parties with an understanding of the Commonwealth Procurement framework, handling of certain complaints, monitoring issues related to Australian Government procurement and reporting to the Minister for Finance on procurement matters.

You can keep up to date with blog posts, news and consultations about Australian Government procurement on the Procurement Coordinator's blog external website.

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Last updated: 01 October 2015