Chief Operating Officer Group

The Chief Operating Officer Group works with the Secretary, Executive Board and other business groups within the Department to enhance, promote and sustain Finance's role as a trusted and professional adviser to the Government.

The Group also provides current parliamentarians and their staff (approximately 1,850), and former Senators and Members, with a range of facilities and services.

Deputy Secretary: Mark Thomann (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6215 2015   

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS)

First Assistant Secretary: Leonie McGregory (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6215 3711

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) provides Ministers, Senators, Members and Office-holders and former Parliamentarians and their respective staff employed under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 with a range of facilities and services to assist them in undertaking their duties. 

These services include:

  • access to, and payment of, entitlements
  • advice and support to Parliamentarians on a range of entitlements issues
  • provision of electorate office facilities
  • travel and accommodation entitlement support
  • personnel-related services
  • COMCAR and VIP hire car services
  • management of the Ministerial Wing of Parliament House
  • secretariat support to the Australian Political Exchange Council

Entitlements Policy

Assistant Secretary: Kim Baker
Phone: (02) 6215 3836

Entitlements Policy Branch is responsible for policy development and advice in relation to Senators and Members' entitlements, and the employment framework for their staff.

The Branch provides advice to the Special Minister of State and other stakeholders in Ministerial and Parliamentary Services on policy matters relating to the various pieces of legislation administered by the Department. It also liaises with the Remuneration Tribunal Secretariat in the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations in relation to the development of, and changes to, determinations affecting the entitlements of Senators and Members.

There are approximately 1700 staff of Senators and Members throughout Australia and the Branch is responsible for developing and delivering their employment framework, in consultation with other relevant agencies and the staff themselves. In addition, the Branch organises the Special Minister of State's professional development program and other HR services for this workforce.

The Branch works closely with all other areas of Ministerial and Parliamentary Services in developing and advising on policy matters.

Entitlements Management

Assistant Secretary: Jason Ford
Phone: (02) 6215 3403

The Entitlements Management Branch provides the communication link between M&PS and its clients. Our clients include current and former Federal Parliamentarians and their staff.

Entitlements Management Branch's key responsibilities include:

  • providing advice to its portfolio Ministers regarding Senators and Members' access to entitlements – particularly the Special Minister of State;
  • advising Senators, Members and their employees on entitlement issues; providing staff help-desk services for the employees of Members of Parliament;
  • providing electorate-based facilities and services to Senators and Members, including office accommodation and equipment and vehicles;
  • managing the provision of services in the Ministerial Wing of Parliament House and the Commonwealth Parliament Offices in State/Territory capital cities; and
  • providing secretariat support for the Australian Political Exchange Council, which provides an international exchange program for young political leaders.

Entitlements Managers

  • Dee Kaufline (VIC, TAS & NT) Ph: (02) 6215 3640
  • Lauren Barons (NSW, WA & ACT) Ph: (02) 6215 3426
  • Shane McGaughey (Qld & SA) Ph: (02) 6215 3827

Client Services

Assistant Secretary: Julie Fursman
Phone: (02) 6215 3228

Client Services Branch provides a range of claims processing and support services to Senators, Members, former Parliamentarians and their staff. These services include the provision of human resource services, payments made to and on behalf of Parliamentarians and their staff in accordance with the entitlements framework; management of associated IT support systems, and advice and services relating to property and facilities management.


Assistant Secretary: Brent Heaver (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6280 1010

COMCAR assists in delivering an efficiently functioning Parliament through the provision of high quality, secure and confidential car-with-driver services to a broad range of entitled clients, including the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, other Office Holders, Senators and Members and Members of the Federal Judiciary.

COMCAR provides ground transport and associated services to visiting Guests of Government such as Royalty, Heads of State, Heads of Government and other foreign dignitaries.  COMCAR frequently delivers ground transportation services to major international events hosted in Australia, such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and Ministerial forums.

COMCAR can provide or arrange services in all metropolitan and country areas. Reservations for COMCAR services can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

COMCAR also manages the M&PS business integrity function, M&PS web content and a review and approval function relating to Senators and Members’ printing and communications entitlement.

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Corporate Services Division

First Assistant Secretary: Carl Murphy
Phone: (02) 6215 2575

The Corporate Services Division supports the achievement of Finance's outcomes by providing strategic advice to the Secretary and Executive Board on corporate governance and departmental administration. The division provides services to the department including portfolio coordination, parliamentary liaison, human resource services, learning and development, communications and public affairs support, and knowledge management. The division also provides home department support to Finance's portfolio ministers.

Legal Services Branch

Assistant Secretary: Patricia Hawley (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6215 3082

The Legal Services Branch reports directly to the First Assistant Secretary and provides the Department of Finance with in-house legal advice and assistance including on:

  • commercial and public law matters,
  • assistance in the management of litigation,
  • drafting commercial and other instruments; and
  • co-ordination of FOI and Finance Legislative Instruments.

Also, in consultation with their Business Group clients, they arrange for legal advice and assistance to be provided by Finance's panel of external legal service providers (the Legal Panel).

People Branch

Assistant Secretary: Brooke Everett
Phone: (02) 6215 2021

HR Shopfront
Phone: 6215 3937

The People Branch delivers a range of human resource services to the department including:

  • recruitment and payroll services
  • advice and support on employee relations and conditions
  • work health & safety services
  • assisting the department to imbed its strategic goals through workforce planning, staff surveys and targeted recruitment programs (including the Graduate program
  • advice and support on HR policy and programs
  • management and provision of learning and development opportunities

For more information, feel free to contact the friendly staff at the HR Shopfront.

Chief Financial Officer Branch

Assistant Secretary, Chief Financial Officer: TBA
Phone: (02) 6215 3825

Chief Financial Officer Branch contributes towards the outcomes of the Department by providing reliable and timely financial information that supports decision making and seeks to drive improved organisational performance.  The key products and services of CFOB are as follows:

  • Reporting, covering: EB monthly financial management, monthly financial reporting, financial statements, general ledger management and accounting policy.
  • Budgets, covering: capital planning, external and internal budgeting, review of new initiatives, major reforms, business planning and small agency monitoring.
  • Group Financial Advice, covering: monthly financial management reports and advice to Business Groups, preparation of Group budgets and costings, accounting journals and the co-ordination of ad hoc financial requirements across business groups.
  • Financial Operations, covering: accounts processing, payroll, cash flow and appropriation management, banking, expenses, petty cash, Cabcharge, credit cards, taxation, asset management and journals.

Communications and Public Affairs

Assistant Secretary: Suzanne Russel 
Phone: (02) 6215 2455

The Communications and Public Affairs team provides advice and support to our Ministers and the Department on a range of activities including strategic communications, media management, publications and corporate events.

Parliamentary and Coordination Branch

Assistant Secretary: Carolyn Driessen
Phone: (02) 6215 3544

The Parliamentary and Coordination Branch provides an integral link to the Parliament and our Portfolio Ministers. We deliver advice and support to enable our ministers, the department and portfolio agencies to fulfill their responsibilities to the Parliament.

In performing this role, the branch is responsible for a range of activities including delivery of the following services:

  • Managing the Parliamentary Workflow System (PWS)
  • Senate Estimates co-ordination
  • Parliamentary liaison
  • Cabinet liaison
  • Home department support for our ministers

The Branch also provides a central coordinating role for Finance and other agencies in the Portfolio.


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Information, Technology & Workplace Division

Chief Information Officer and First Assistant Secretary: Roze Frost
Phone: (02) 6215 2774

The Information, Technology and Workplace Division reflects the synergies between information services, IT and business services. This enables us to support the development of an information management strategy, our future accommodation strategy and the delivery of the IT RoadMap, as well as fostering a more streamlined delivery of services within our workplace.

Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Office of the CIO is responsible for business management support and operations, and management oversight of key projects.

  • IT Business Management (Procurement, Asset and Contract Management)

IT Service Delivery Branch

Assistant Secretary: Dean Edwards (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6215 2250

IT Service Delivery Branch is responsible for the management and delivery of the current IT Services to meet the Departments needs through the provision of a stable and secure IT environment.

The areas of service are: 

  • Providing a single point of contact for all key Finance systems, including CBMS  and CBMSR for support matters, including user access, incident management, and usage assistance;
  • Maintaining and supporting the Department's existing business systems;
  • Delivering network server support, data and storage management and management of the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) and responsibility for the maintenance and management of Finance's ICT infrastructure; and
  • Enabling business objectives by protecting Finance IT infrastructure from threats and risks, through the provision of ICT security and advice in relation to ICT security and monitoring of ICT system use.

IT Professional Services Branch

Assistant Secretary: Tim Brunton (Acting)
Phone: (02) 6215 3334

IT Professional Services Branch is responsible for the provision of high quality and cost effective professional services to Finance through:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with clients and managing an effective and efficient process for new services required by the business;
  • Ensuring business requirements are translated into technical specifications and the right business solution is delivered;
  • Ensuring the appropriate Enterprise Architecture is in place to support Finance's ongoing and changing business requirements, including the development and implementation of a Finance Information Management strategy;
  • Providing leading practice quality assurance and testing support;
  • Providing leading practice program and project management services;
  • Developing and maintaining IT policies and methodologies; and
  • Providing the appropriate level of IT Continuity to support the Department's business continuity requirements.

Enterprise Management Office Branch

Assistant Secretary: Steve O'Loughlin
Phone: (02) 6215 2757

The Enterprise Management Office (EMO) Branch is responsible for the delivery of a number of functions including the management of: 

  • the strategic planning framework and the department’s governance arrangements;
  • the department’s legislative and compliance requirements across a number areas including:
    • Security
    • Audit and Risk
    • Business Continuity 
    • Emergency Management
    • Environment Management
    • Fraud Prevention and Control
    • Financial Management (including procurement);
  • the department’s internal policy framework;
  • audit, risk and performance reporting;
  • COOG’s portfolio of programmes and projects (PMO) ; and
  • the  COOG’s portfolio of services.

The branch is also responsible for the delivery of a range of workplace services (including accommodation, travel and security) which support the successful functioning of the Department.


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