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As a central agency of the Australian Government, the Department of Finance  (Finance) plays an important role in assisting government across a wide range of policy areas to ensure its outcomes are met, particularly with regard to expenditure, financial management, and the operations of government.

Essential services delivered by Finance include supporting the delivery of the Australian Government Budget, the ongoing management of the Australian Government’s non-defence domestic property portfolio and key asset sales. Finance is also responsible for the financial framework for Australian Government Agencies. Additionally, Finance provides entitlements advice and support to parliamentarians and their employees, maintains shareholder oversight for Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), provides general insurance services to government agencies and promotes improved risk management. Finance also provides strategic advice, guidance and service provision for the productive application of new and existing information and communication technologies to government operations.

Business Groups

The department is comprised of four business groups. Each group has a page which describes its specific roles and responsibilities, and contains links to documents and web pages relevant to staff within the group.

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Last updated: 02 July 2014